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Why Altiar?

The Insight and Corporate Strategy Division at Everything Everywhere (EE) needed to optimize the management of their information for the Customer Insights and Marketing Division. They chose Altiar Enterprise as the platform to provide their 3000+ colleagues, across 16 UK locations, with a centralized information hub for the latest customer and marketing insights.

Really like the simplified, clean look and feel of the site …

It is vitally important for the portal to consistently reflect the EE brand and Altiar Enterprise was able to be quickly configured to achieve this. Project pages are used as a focal point for work related activities, presenting powerful search and document capabilities whilst still feeling familiar.

Videos play so much clearer and bigger on the site …

Video is increasingly consumed within the EE business. Altiar Enterprise has the ability to ingest and re-encode any video source into a streaming format, whilst still retaining the original source file in the system, allowing for a constant bit-rate and smooth, uninterrupted video playback.

Altiar is miles ahead in comparison to other systems …

EE were already using SharePoint for content collaboration however discovering, accessing and promoting the right information was not practical through that system alone. Altiar has been configured to bridge that gap and provide EE colleagues with an easily accessible knowledge management platform.

… the end product is so much better than what we expected.

EE are delighted with the integration of the Altiar Enterprise platform and have begun the process of expanding access to the portal upon completion of the takeover by BT. They are confident that Altiar will be the de facto platform for the combined company’s management of insight and customer data.

The Altiar Enterprise platform has simplified and re-energized how we as a team communicate insights across the business. 'Self Serve' is a culture that has taken time to shift to and it still has its challenges; but by providing a platform that makes the end user experience easier and more effective we are certainly moving forward in the right direction.

- Kat Williams, EE

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